Hi, I am Guto!

I’m a producer and event manager from Rio de Janeiro, but currently based in Berlin since 2013.

My professional experience started in Advertisement and Marketing, where later I moved to the events field, especially music festivals itself as a producer, researcher and assistant director for several of them held at Rio de Janeiro, my hometown. 

Since 2010 I was part of the Festival Multiplicidade as director´s assistant and producer, as well as content producer for our blogs and social media. During this time I was also part of several other projects and festivals, such as Festival Panorama and Projeto Happenings.

In 2013 I moved to the amazing city of Berlin, where I have been involved in festivals like Torstraße Festival, the Berlin Music Week Word! Conference, Transmediale and CTM Festival as volunteer and assistant producer, as well as producer and music curator for the Brasilien Trifft Berlin culture festival.

In the year of 2016 I had two big projects with me, the  Air Festival (Bali, Indonesia) and Data Natives conference where I operated as production manager, following with the release party of Soundcloud Go for the german market.

For the year of 2018 I took over the production and management of Dezentral, a blockchain conference developed by 1kx and part of Berlin Blockchain Week, with big names of blockchain space, such as Tezos, Zilliqa, Gnosis, Ocean Protocol, FOAM, and many more.

My experience on event production over the last 14 years involves several skills, such as working with budgets, negotiating and dealing with suppliers, sponsors and partners, as well as creating concepts for events and researching artists, collectives and thinkers/doers. 

Regarding research subjects and interests, I am mostly interested in new media, digital culture, communications, art and technology and business.

So far I have managed to reach C2 level of German ( and I´m super proud of that!), where I also speak Portuguese (native), English, Italian and Spanish.

For more info please write me at gutomartino@gmail.com