In the beginning of 2016 I took a sabatical three month break from Battalion, a creative agency based in Berlin where I was working on the year before as business developer, and went to Asia for that time. While there, I was invited by Emilia Tolvanen, a colleague of mine that was doing the artist care for this beautiful festival in an island 3 hours away from Bali, Indonesia, to be part of the team. Emi kindly asked me to jump over the boat and help the Air Festival crew on the last month before the event started.

I went straight away to Bali, where I worked with the team as assistant producer, mainly with Walker Barnard, the director and curator of the festival itself. During this short time I was responsible for reservations and ticket outreach, logistics regarding the artists, taking care of the bar and food team during the festival and supervising it together with the crew

Air Festival happens once an year in Gili Air, a paradise island located on the west side of Lambok, Indonesia, and more photos can be found here. In it´s 2016 lineup the festival brought artists like Sonja Moonear, DeWalta, Azimute, Sammy Dee, Walker Barnard, Sylvie Foret,Ray Zuniga, Murat Kilic, Tomas Müller, Sucré Sale, Dan Bartz, Dr. Kessler, among many others.

Foto by Coconut Conection and more of them can be found here. All rights reserved.