Soundcloud Go Berlin launch Party

After a few years in the work, Soundcloud was finally releasing their subscription model in the German market and they wanted to come up with a big party.

They had the concept and also the time and place: 8th December at the Prince Charles club in Berlin, with a lineup brought by the content market team based in the USA branch of the company.

I was contacted by Natalie Espinosa, senior Marketing Manager of Soundcloud, to help them and make the production of the event, from every detail imaginable that could come, and to work as a middle-field player between the company and Prince Charles.

During this 10-day sprint, I assembled a team to help me in this project, consisted by Silke Briel (designer), Natalia Cerqueira (producer) and Johannes Helm (carpenter).

The first step was creating the scenography and Soundcloud´s branding experience inside the club. We had a naked stage and a DJ booth that needed to receive the company´s touch.

Among the solutions, the most beautiful one was a structure of MDF and acrylic with a colored backlight, with a concept from Silke and Johannes behind the main stage.

Other duties involved the budget control and allocation, production of several scenography materials, artist care, negotiation with suppliers and partners, such as catering companies and equipment providers, as well finding the documentation partner for the event (photos and video).

Despite being an invite-only event, Soundcloud Go Party was a big success, with more than 800 attendees during the event.

All pictures by Giovanni Dominice, commissioned by Soundcloud through Battalion Creative Agency.
All rights reserved.